My Journey

But more, much more than this, I Doula my way

My style of Doula-ing

My style of Doula-ing is quite informal.  I provide a caring, calm, confidential and non-judgmental service.  We will have a lot to cover, and the focus is always on you and your needs.

Imagine meeting a girlfriend for a coffee.  On a good day the encounter should invoke the following;

  • You’ll look forward to catching up
  • You’ll have a good chat
  • You’ll probably find humour in the most normal of things
  • You’ll come away feeling richer for it
  • You’ll reflect on what we’ve spoken about and at some point will probably touch on some things again
  • You’ll be thankful to have them in your life

On a bad day it might be all of the above but add a couple of tears in the mix and that’s ok too.

Your experience will be unique to you.  I’m open to that.  No two people are the same.  It’s a journey and we’ll discover and move forward together.

If you like what you’ve heard so far feel free to get in touch.

My Doula journey

By the time I became a mother for the first time I thought I had this covered, after all I’d attended enough births.  Boy, did I have that wrong.  My birth experience, although tremendous, was not without numerous hiccups.  I now understand the value of a Doula and I know, without doubt, having a Doula would have made my experience a much calmer and more positive one.

Before I had a child of my own, I had attended the births of a handful of friends and family.  Each time I was deeply moved by the strength of these women and how every experience was so unique and different, but similar at the same time. If I’m honest, I never really gave it a second thought, it was just something I did to support loved ones.  Besides which, I was pursuing a lucrative career, had a job I loved and that I was very good at.

Fast forward a couple of decades.  I was now a mother myself, working long hours and living comfortably. More importantly, my family was thriving.

A chance meeting on a train would quite simply change my life and it really was the beginning of a new life.  To find out more about this encounter check out my Blog.

And so, I got my qualifications as a Doula and in Breastfeeding Support and I never looked back.  I went on to volunteer as a Doula, working with vulnerable mothers, supporting them during their perinatal period.  I trained with the NCT, working on a wonderful project, providing support for women’s perinatal mental health.  I also worked on NHS wards, volunteering as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker.  I packed in my old job and, in doing so, found so much more.

As well as working as a Doula, I still volunteer today. I am so proud to know I’ve made a difference to so many lives.  But, in truth, this has made a difference to my life too. In empowering women, I too feel empowered. I count my blessings every day (even on an off day – they are rare, but yes, we all have those days) and I wake up every day feeling like I have found my purpose and this was meant to be.

Today, whenever I feel like my ‘cup’ is running low, I remind myself of my inner strength by reading Phenomenal Woman; a poem written by Maya Angelou.  For me, the first verse is enough to unleash a sense of knowing and self-worth.  Go on give it a shot, it’s contagious, I dare you not to feel nurtured by the enigma that is ‘woman’.

We are so much more than we can even begin to fathom.

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