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Hello and welcome to what will be one of many monthly blogs.

My name is Tracey and I am very proud to be a Doula and founder of Mothering the Mother.

Mothering the Mother is a Doula organisation, all about supporting new and expectant mothers from conception to beyond.

As a woman, mother and Doula, my mission is encouraging women and their loved ones through shared experiences, love and information.

Mothering the Mother does not mean ‘smothering the mother’.  I believe that information empowers, facts give choices and, as a result, allow for informed decision making. 

Your body, your life, your choice.

Each month I will touch upon subjects close to our hearts, kicking off next month with an extract from the website entitled ‘Doula found me’ which tells the story of how I became a Doula.

And if, in between blogs, I see something I like, I’ll post that too.

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