Reflecting on 2019 and embracing 2020

Following a lengthy pregnancy and the relatively smooth birth of Mothering the Mother, there came a period of blood, sweat and tears mingled with determination, passion and hard work.  Bar the blood and sweat, it is expected this pattern will continue as Mothering the Mother reaches many more milestones.  For today, we celebrate being one  year old.

And what a year 2019 was.  So many highs, a true test of skills, knowledge and expertise.  So many learning curves and so many successes.

The first year of business brought with it lots of new experiences and some wonderful contacts.

It was a rollercoaster of a year with too many highlights to mention, but the following are just a few;

  • Mothering the Mother website – so the thing about starting a new enterprise is that everything ends up taking far longer than planned and it was certainly true in this case.  Thankfully by the  end of 2018 the website was up and running along with the branding and the ‘BETTER YOU · BETTER ME · BETTER ME’ slogan.
  • Guest blogging with Hub Central started with an Introduction to Mothering the Mother which then led to blogs informing on What is a Doula? and The benefits of having a Doula before climaxing with the story of How I became a Doula.  Feel free to click on the links above for more information. Eventually, there would be a total of six contributing blogs published.  Not a bad way to be initiated into the world of blogging.  Hub Central has continued to be supportive and we look forward to contributing more throughout 2020 and hopefully the rest of this new decade.
  • Then there was the first Facebook live interview on The Change and Grow Wellness Show.  I guess it is true what they say; you never really forget your first time.  See link for the full YouTube interview. 
  • At the end of summer there was Mindfulness on the Green; a wellbeing festival that took place on Chingford Green.  A couple of drops of rain were not about to hold us back.  The clouds cleared, the sun came out and a wonderful afternoon was had by all.
  • That should seriously be enough, but later on in the year there was also the participation of a short Facebook live with Magical Baby Moments discussing the difference between a Doula and a Hypnobirthing Practitioner.
  • There was also the business showcasing exhibition, which took place in the swanky The Forge in the heart of the Docklands and was organised and hosted by Allia, for up and coming businesses which generated a video featuring Mothering the Mother.
  • And who could forget the joys of social media.  It has been great being found by customers seeking a Doula via the Instagram account.  Looking back its hard to believe that, as the founder of Mothering the Mother, I had no experience of social media prior to owning my own business. Click the link above to see more on a year in the life of Mothering the Mother.

And so, as we wave goodbye to 2019, it is with hope and a little bit of glee that we embrace 2020. 

Already in the pipeline, is a series of antenatal workshops including the Birth and Transition to Parenthood Workshop at the stunning new Beulah Road Studios in Walthamstow, East London, with more affordable antenatal workshops scheduled for the year ahead.  There is also an exciting collaboration with Happy Baby Community and the NHS; piloting doula services in South London. Watch this space for more information.

As this new year begins and a new decade unfolds it is with deepest warmth and gratitude that you are wished peace of heart, the joy of living and the best of health from me and my baby; Mothering the Mother.

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